Nova Lighting creates a custom lighting solution with installation to make your lighting needs and dreams a reality! If you are in the Twin Cities, schedule an in-person or virtual consultation to talk about what you would like to do, take a look at your existing home, and create a custom lighting plan that will make you love your home even more!

Nova Lighting creates fresh ideas that you love based on your unique preferences and style that harmonize with your home, either as a stand alone update or in concert with other renovations.

Nova Lighting will uncover new functionality for your home that is tailored to your day-to-day life by making task-oriented spaces useful for productivity and recreation, as well as creating spaces that foster relationship, relaxation, and connection through effective lighting.

Nova Lighting Design Custom Design Service

Lighting Ideas to Start With

This is not an exhaustive list of what Nova can do for you, but here are some ideas to start the planning process:

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